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Thad Bereday: Redemption Radio

July 05, 2022 Gin & Justice
Gin & Justice
Thad Bereday: Redemption Radio
Show Notes

On this weeks episode of Gin & Justice, Justine and Amanda chat with Thad Bereday.  Thad is the host of the popular podcast Redemption Radio which just wrapped up the first season. He shares his story  about how he got involved in the criminal legal system and what he's doing now.
For more of Thad:
Redemption Radio is available wherever you get your podcasts:
Facebook: @tbereday
Instagram: @thadbereday
Twitter: @thadbereday
LinkedIn: @thadbereday
TikTok: @thadbereday

Amanda also bums us out with a story of an innocent man facing death on Oklahoma's death row. To read to full article:

But then Justine tells us some good news:

Abortion Pills by mail:

Abortion Funds:

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