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Brandon Lee: Training for Transformation

May 17, 2022 Gin & Justice
Gin & Justice
Brandon Lee: Training for Transformation
Show Notes

This week on Gin & Justice, Justine and Amanda talk with Author and Trainer, Brandon Lee, about his training program, Training for Transformation and his book, Community Conscious Policing.  Brandon is a Community Policing Reform Strategist and he shares his ideas surrounding reforming the policing in our communities.  Brandon talks about how he has built upon the ideas of his ancestors and why it is so important to gain that lens in order to move forward as a society.  He shares how he has been shaped by his own experience growing up in Oakland and his encounter with police brutality. Brandon talks about the miracle of being able to facilitate an open and honest conversation between law enforcement and victims of police brutality and how this holds the key to reform and the beginning of change.

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